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Realizing my childhood dream of becoming a writer has been quite a journey so far. Before the pandemic of 2020, if you asked me what I did, my answer would be "stay-at-home-mom to four kids." This is still true!


The year+ of isolation changed me. Instead of thinking about what job I might have should I return to the workforce once all my kids were (hopefully) in school full-time, I felt compelled to take a good, hard, soul-deep look at my personal ambitions. I'm interested in family therapy. I researched the options for beginning that degree. I'm a teacher by trade. I thought about getting back into the world of education. Each of these excited me in various ways, and they also didn't feel quite like the right fit. On a whim to satisfy my curiosity about the writing career I never pursued, I looked into MFA degrees and stumbled upon Southern New Hampshire University. 

That was December 2020. Now, a few years later, I've earned a terminal degree in Creative Writing, finished my first full-length book, and established myself as a part of the mystery community. I've never felt more fulfilled and enthusiastic about my career. No matter how tough the world of publication will be, I'm ready for it!

I write because I am a reader and books are my vehicles for change and growth. I want readers to know two truths—that it’s never too late to change, and that finding your people—your tribe—and burrowing in without reservation is what makes life worth living. My goal is to write whodunit mysteries with strong female heroines solving a crime while also navigating the complex, intricate relationships in their lives. I want readers to fall deeply into the world of the story—but also recognize pieces of themselves in it. This is an unsettled time, and I wish to provide a safe space where readers understand it’s important for all people to be seen, heard, and allowed to feel their feelings. Reading teaches grace, acceptance, and humility, and I hope to contribute to these essential human characteristics through sharing my words.

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