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Writing full-time is a solitary activity. Often, we are working on things that nobody knows about, or have earned ourselves accolades that we don't really share.


Thanks for taking a minute to see what I'm up to in my creative world!

Typing on a Typewriter

Writing Projects

Over the past three years, I've written three full books and 1/2 of a fourth. That sounds like a lot of writing...and it is!

Rather than rush into publishing, I'm learning and growing as a writer. I want my debut novel to be the best piece of creative work I can produce!

des malice.JPG

I gravitate toward mysteries with a cozy landscape because they allow the reader to escape into a world where most people are friendly and justice always reigns. And boy do I love a good small town! My hopeful debut will introduce a reluctant heroine with a crew of unusual sidekicks who will steal your heart. I can't wait to share these friends with the world!

Mystery World Here I Come!

Short Story Publication

My short story, "The Perfect Li(f)e" was published in Wild Ink's Anthology, I'm Not the Villain, I'm Misunderstood, October 2022.


"The Perfect Li(f)e"

Nominated by Wild Ink Publishing for a PUSHCART PRIZE!

Links for Resources on this Page

NYC Midnight
Flash Fiction
Challenge 2022

12th place.jpeg

Placed 12th out of 35 writers.

NYC Midnight
Flash Fiction
Challenge 2021


NYC Midnight
250-word Microfiction
Challenge 2021


Placed 2nd out of 48 writers.

Placed 3rd out of 34 writers.

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